Scheherazade can no longer stand by and watch this cruel injustice. She cannot accept how every day the kings condemn a brilliant female to a life of drudgery, suppressing her probing analytical mind and sending her broken spirit back into a mundane world. It cannot go on. It will not go on. Scheherazade has a plan.


In her colourful boudoir, she seamlessly lines her eyes with kohl. She is graceful and calm. Trembling with worry or anger would spoil her makeup, and her plan.


Boundless as the Universe, she is free of protest and apology. Only by being so vividly alive that she can face the world, tell her story and show her genius. Her brilliance and vigour demand respect, and it won’t be long before her audience is bound and spiralling within her orbit.


She is captivating and inspiring – she is Scheherazade.