Science and Story

Science is full of storytelling. Just like a story, science looks for explanations and tries to find meaning in the world around us. It has expectations but faces struggles and failures. Ultimately, it hopes for a happy ending. So why not explore science with stories?

Interactive Workshops

She Speaks Science offers interactive and creative storytelling workshops in person and online for young people (6 – 18 years old) at schools, public events and science festivals. We use user-driven narratives based on the stories we publish to create immersive learning experiences and engage the youth in space and astronomy. Our hands-on workshops help develop the “4C skills” required for the 21st-century according to the World Economic Forum: critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. They also trigger imagination which makes learning of scientific concepts fun and engaging.


Our workshops focus mainly on space and astronomy, but they can be customised based on your needs. We deliver online workshops anywhere in the world, and in-person workshops in the UK and Lebanon. Workshops can be delivered in English, Spanish or Arabic.


Why be a passive observer if you can be the protagonist in your own story? Get in touch to know more about our workshops by filling the inquiry form below!

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