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Why She Speaks Science

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is simple: the world needs science and science needs more women.


We want to increase the active and inclusive engagement with science by encouraging fresh perceptions about science and success, helping young people build a positive STEM identity, and promoting women and minority scientists. Our vision is a world where all scientists are valued, and where science is at the heart of society not a luxury or accessory.

How we do it

… with the power of story. Each storyteller owns her story and shares it with the world, once a month. We also run fun and engaging storytelling workshops at schools so that the youth can also own their story and take up STEM if they want to. With our programme PENTA we facilitate genuine connections between STEM women and girls all over the globe through two-way mentorship.


Our online publication “Scheherazade” is a monthly story by one of our storytellers around the globe about her STEM research.


Who is Scheherazade?


In the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights, the king is furious to learn that his wife is unfaithful. To take his revenge, he decides to destroy all the women in the kingdom. Scheherazade refuses this injustice and decides to become his bride. Quite a curious choice but she has a plan! Everyday Scheherazade tells the king a story, but leaves it on a cliff-hanger. Curious to hear the tale’s end, the king keeps her alive to the next day. Story after story, Scheherazade keeps him coming back for more, thus saving her life after a thousand tales.


This is how Scheherazade saves herself and all the other women with her stories. In our modern days we face the injustice of inequality, of exclusion from education, economic opportunities and political participation. By owning our stories, we can spare ourselves and other women from this injustice.  


Our monthly publication is called Scheherazade because our stories are our voice against injustice. They are infused with social relevance which humanises science and creates resonance so the reader keeps coming back for more.  


After all, this is Scheherazade.

Story of our logo

The logo is inspired by the sacred geometry of the Orient where our founder Dr Ghina M. Halabi grew up, enchanted by tales of magic carpets, curious caves and spellbinding storytellers. When our storytellers all over the globe own their stories and share them with the world, they shift perspectives: the two pivoting squares. A scientist can also be a young woman not just a middle-aged man! Knowledge then blossoms in the minds of listeners who continue to orbit the storyteller, a Sun of story and knowledge.


We are supported by University of Cambridge and the International Astronomical Union.