Who can contribute?

Do you work in STEM? Here’s a chance to own your story and inspire the youth to take up STEM too! Contribute a story on the topic of your research so the world knows how important it is for humanity.

How to submit a story

To submit a guest post, please fill the form below. If you face problems, just email us at info@shespeaksscience.com. We provide guidelines and support so guest storytellers make the best use of this medium. All stories are personal and attributed.

What we’re looking for

Being a storytelling platform, we really want a story element to the research: it could be from your own background or life story, a story from your lab, or an incident from behind the scenes (for example failures, hopes, dreams, breakthroughs etc…). .

Here’s an example!

This is one example that we love: a story set on Mars, by Dr Anita Sengupta. Here’s why we love it:

1. It sets the time and location, inviting the reader to use her or his imagination. It engages the senses and explains what they are seeing, hearing, (or smelling if you’d like!) [Paragraph 1]
2. It helps you learn something new, e.g. how long a signal takes to travel and how to land on Mars [Paragraphs 2 and 3]
3. It tells you what inspired her to study what she did and briefly states (in one sentence) her academic path: student, researcher, engineer [Paragraphs 5 and 7] 4. It tells you her relevant achievements and contribution to science [Paragraph 5]
5. It states how this knowledge contributes to other areas, in this case, education. This makes the story more humane and paints scientists as approachable people [Paragraph 6]
6. It leaves room for the future, so you realise that more scientists are needed and you can become one. There’s room for exploration. [Paragraph 3]
7. It links her work to problems in our world/society and that’s why we should care [last paragraph].

What to expect

In the form below we ask you for a title, your story, bio and social media handles. You can go back with the up arrow on your keyboard.




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