Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is simple: science needs more women. We address this problem using the power of story.


In the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, the king is furious to learn that his wife is unfaithful and he has her executed. He decides that all women are the same and to avoid them dishonouring him, he marries one every day only to send her to the same fate the next morning. Scheherazade refuses this injustice and decides to become his next bride. Everyday Scheherazade would tell the king a story, but leaves it on a cliffhanger. Curious to hear the tale’s end, the king keeps her alive to the next day. Story after story, Scheherazade keeps him coming back for more, thus saving her life after one thousand and one nights.


Scheherazade thus saves her life and the lives of other women with the power of the story. By telling the public about her science, she can spare herself and other women from the injustice of bias and inequality.


Using storytelling, Scheherazade Speaks Science aims to promote the visibility of female scientists around the world and make science accessible, inclusive and engaging.


The science you read here is a narrative infused with a social dimension. This narrative humanises science and keeps its reader coming back for more.


After all, this is Scheherazade.