Founder & Managing Director

Ghina is an astrophysicist whose journey was an unusual, yet exciting one. Born in Barouk, a small village tucked among the thousand-year-old cedars of Mount Lebanon, it wasn’t immediately evident to her that one day she will have a story to tell.

A curious child, she was peculiar to watch playing. A toy’s motor and battery were her objects of fascination. As a school kid, she installed a light system in her dark blue bag to make it easier to find her books. She found physics challenging so it lured her into it as a major in college, and later as a Masters degree. She then did her PhD in Astrophysics, during which she studied the structure and evolution of stars. By exploring their intricacies and body language she learned how fascinating their lifestyles are. She now writes about them on this platform! She is a public speaker at international conferences and global forums including TEDx, UN Women and UNOOSA, and is often profiled as subject matter expert in the media. She was featured as "Modern Muse for Astronomy" by the cultural magazine Postscript.

Senior Advisor

Dr. Sara Langston is an Assistant Professor of Spaceflight Operations at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, based in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is an international aerospace lawyer, practical ethicist, and U.S. Army veteran with a technical aviation background. As a consultant, Dr Langston provides strategic advice to government agencies and private industry on space applications and commercial human spaceflight. Dr. Langston holds a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science; a J.D. with specialization in Public International Law; an LL.M. in Air and Space Law; and a Space Studies Certificate in Physical Sciences from the International Space University. She is also currently pursuing a private pilot’s license. In addition, Dr. Langston is an active member of the International Institute of Space Law, Royal Aeronautical Society, and the New York and District of Columbia Bars. She is widely published and a frequent speaker and lecturer at interdisciplinary conferences, universities and international space forums.

Communications manager, Data Analyst and Chief Translator (Spanish)
Martha Irene is a Mexican astrophysicist who is excited to share her passion for science with the world. Since she was a kid and because of her father, who is a philosopher, she was motivated by the question: "Where do we come from?" Trying to answer this question, she started a Bachelor's degree in physics in Mexico. Once she completed it, she spent a few months working at the Space Telescope Science Institute. In 2012 she continued her education in astrophysics in the Astromundus Masters programme in Europe. Two years later, she started her PhD in astrophysics in the Netherlands. For her research Martha Irene creates computer simulations of stars and planetary systems to study what happens to them as they grow old. Here are some of the nice movies she created about her research.
Chief Translator (Italian)
Francesca is from Puglia (Taranto province) where she spent most of her life studying Biotechnolgy and Nanobiotechnology at the University of Salento. After graduation, she came to Cambridge with the Erasmus programme and fell in love with the environment, so she decided to apply here for her PhD. In the meantime, she spent 10 months as a visiting student in KAUST, in Saudi Arabia, working on 3D bioprinting. She finally came back to Cambridge last October to start her PhD in Chemical Engineering where she will be working on cancer research. Francesca likes baking, playing tennis, volleyball and ultimate frisbee, and she loves science. So she decided to join She Speaks Science in order to bridge the gap between the science community and the people, focusing on the efforts that thousands of women accomplish every day, in order to inspire the future generation of scientists.
Content Editor
Dr. Alfredo Carpineti is an astrophysicist, journalist (IFLScience), science communicator, and social activist. He's the chair and founder of Pride in STEM, an award-nominated charity working to raise the profile and showcase the work of LGBTQ+ people working in STEM. He was one of the organisers of International Day of LGBTQ+ people in STEM.
Content Editor

Meher is a Cambridge-based writer and holds a Master of Studies in Creative Writing from Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. She was awarded the Louis de Bernières Prize for fiction writing in 2017. With a background in fine arts, Meher writes for theatre and screen – her adaptation “Our lady of Lahore” was produced by the Corpus Playroom Theatre in Cambridge. A perennially curious story-seeker, she is passionate about studying the spaces women occupy in literary narratives and art across different cultures.

Web developer

Weronika first tried Social Science as a major, but soon realised she had no love or passion for it. It had seemed like an obvious choice, when humanities were the only academic disciplines she would have ever considered. She then decided to study Graphic Design but fortunately, her local University didn’t offer that major but they had Computing and Information Systems. That was when she found her passion for web design and realised how creative the developer role can be. Weronika is passionate about encouraging more women into tech. She believes that it is a challenge and a journey, but as long as it feels right and makes a woman happy that’s all that matters.

Business Development Manager

Coming from a family of women leaders and their supporters who worked tirelessly towards women empowerment in India, it has been Pahini’s lifelong desire to help people and make an impact. This drive led her to pursue a PhD in cancer research at King’s College London followed by postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge. As a scientist, she explores ways to facilitate women-led translation of research to the wider community through several leadership positions. She has a tech venture that aims to improve healthcare access through technology. She also founded Emparity, a non-profit for women empowerment and child education in India. Believing that progress can be made through a collaborative approach, Pahini seeks to establish it in all her endeavours.

Outreach & Engagement Officer

Matt is an outreach astronomer based in Cambridge, UK. His PhD at the University of Cambridge focussed on star formation and the evolution of galaxies across cosmic time. After a few years as a postdoctoral researcher, he realised that his passion lay more in the direction of science communication and education. Since 2017 he has been an outreach astronomer at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy.