Ghina is an astrophysicist whose journey was an unusual, yet exciting one. Born in Barouk, a small village tucked among the thousand-year-old cedars of Mount Lebanon, it wasn’t immediately evident to her that one day she will have a story to tell.

A curious child, she was peculiar to watch playing. A toy’s motor and battery were her objects of fascination. As a school kid, she installed a light system in her dark blue bag to make it easier to find her books. She found physics challenging so it lured her into it as a major in college, and later as a Masters degree. She then did her PhD in Astrophysics, during which she studied the structure and evolution of stars. By exploring their intricacies and body language she learned how fascinating their lifestyles are. She now writes about them on this blog. You can find more about her here and follow her on Twitter @Dr_GhinaHalabi.


MEHER DAULTANA – Content Editor


Meher is a Cambridge-based writer and holds a Master of Studies in Creative Writing from the University of Cambridge. She was awarded the Louis de Bernières Prize for fiction writing in 2017. With a background in fine arts, Meher writes for theatre and screen – her adaptation “Our lady of Lahore” was produced by the Corpus Playroom Theatre in Cambridge.

A perennially curious story-seeker, she is passionate about studying the spaces women occupy in literary narratives and art across different cultures.


WERONIKA PESTKA – Web developer


It took Weronika quite a while to figure out what she wanted to study. At first she tried Social Science, then realised she had no love or passion for it. It had seemed like an obvious choice, at that time humanities were the only academic disciplines she would have ever considered.

She then discovered Photoshop and decided to study Graphic Design. Fortunately, her local University didn’t have Graphic Design but they had Computing and Information Systems. That was when she found her passion for web design and realised how creative the developer role can be.

Weronika is passionate about encouraging more women into tech. She believes that it is a challenge and a journey, and as long as it feels right and makes a woman happy that’s all that matters.


PAHINI PANDYA – Business Development Manager


Coming from a family of women leaders and their supporters who worked tirelessly towards women empowerment in India, it has been Pahini’s lifelong desire to help people and make an impact.

This drive led her to pursue a PhD in cancer research at King’s College London followed by postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge. As a scientist, she explores ways to facilitate women-led translation of research to the wider community through several leadership positions in innovation, consultancy and entrepreneurship.

She has a tech venture which offers technology to improve healthcare access. She has also founded a non-profit, Emparity, which connects women empowerment and child education to eliminate poverty in India. Pahini believes that progress can be made through a collaborative approach and seeks to establish it in all her endeavours.


LAURA MORENO-LOPEZ – Communications Manager


Laura is a Wolfe Health Neuroscience Fellow and Research Associate at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge and a Postdoctoral Affiliate at Clare Hall College. Her PhD at the University of Granada (Spain) focused on the application of brain imaging to study substance dependence. She joined the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge in 2013 where she used brain imaging to study the correlation between depression and traumatic brain injury. She now works in the Department of Psychiatry, leading a project that studies resilient functioning after childhood adversity. Laura is passionate about neuroimaging and its application to the study of mental health disorders. She loves science communication and is committed to the inclusion of minorities and women in science.