Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is simple: the world needs science and science needs more women. We tackle this problem using the power of story.

We are an award-winning social enterprise on a mission. We aim to make STEM inclusive, reach under-served audiences, increase active engagement with science, inspire young people into STEM and promote women and minority scientists with a thousand and one stories about science. Our vision is a world where science is at the heart of culture and society not a luxury or accessory.

In the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, the king is furious to learn that his wife is unfaithful and he has her executed. To avoid being dishonoured again, he decides to marry a woman every day only to send her to the same fate the next morning. Scheherazade refuses this injustice and decides to become the next bride. Everyday Scheherazade would tell the king a story, but leaves it on a cliffhanger. Curious to hear the tale’s end, the king keeps her alive to the next day. Story after story, Scheherazade keeps him coming back for more, thus saving her life after one thousand and one nights.

Scheherazade thus saves herself and other women with the power of the story. And by telling the public about her science, she can spare herself and other women from the injustice of inequality.

This is why our monthly publication is called Scheherazade. The science you read here is a narrative infused with a social dimension. This narrative humanises science and creates resonance to keep the reader coming back for more.

After all, this is Scheherazade.

We are supported by University of Cambridge and International Astronomical Union.