We are an award-winning social enterprise supported by University of Cambridge and the International Astronomical Union.

In 2020, we won a grant by the International Astronomical Union Office of Astronomy for Development, which promotes sustainable development with astronomy. The award propels our efforts to inspire, educate and influence the perspectives and values of the young generation and to promote the work of women and minorities in STEM, one story at a time.

In 2019 we won the University of Cambridge Public Engagement Starter Fund. According to the selection panel, we “scored very highly, showing a great potential and value of our proposed engagement activity”. This award helped us develop our enterprise for a continued and streamlined engagement with the public. I also enabled us to power our efforts in promoting the visibility of female scientists and build a larger diverse community of role models.

We extend our deep gratitude for the support and guidance we received from the University of Cambridge and International Astronomical Union who we’ve been working with closely during the development, execution and future planning of our projects.

The awards highlight the efforts of our team and their dedication and passion in promoting science communication and gender equality. They mark new adventures, larger impact and a much bigger reach!